Thursday, September 28, 2017

Underwear set as been updated to v1.1


Underwear set as been updated to v1.1

As always it's a crappy update full of crappy stuff!

get it here :

Enjoy, or not. I don't care.
And oh yeah there's no matching panties for that new bra... I couldn't care less.
Commando is the only way to go =)

Alternative Tops


Here are some Party DLC tops i had a urge to (badly) modify. Oh yeah my vertices pushing skills are crap! I don't care! ^_^

This mod contains 2 tops.

IDs : 205490 and 205491

Decryption key : !jq9ne2mHZ2beYkE9slqkq0SJA-NRt8HZvyT1lj0wbj0


Have fun!

Still got something big to anounce, stay tuned!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

September news

Hey, i'm not dead... yet ^^.

1/ Skirt set #2 has been updated. I corrected weird denim skirt speculars. I hope to be proficient enough with weight painting to correct the crappy weight maps.... Oh well...
If you can deal with this for me, send me a message, that would be nice!

2/ A somewhat big anouncement (at least for me) on its way! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Skirt set n°2

Skirt Set n°2

09/16/2017 Update to 2.1 : Corrected weird denim skirt speculars. Redownload and overwrite.

Hey here is another skirt set. Hope you will like it.

Preview  :

DL link :!ngBVzBhB
Key : !FIDwParI5gOcDdt3CQif3dt7ujqrJAWmVEZZGNRoaD4


Monday, March 6, 2017



Don't know why, but decided to log on my youtube channel. And i was pretty surprised to see i uploaded a vid on it.

A PlayClub vid. Some 2015 stuff i totally forgot and never shared.

With a little bit of shame here is the one and only video i ever made.

Don't know if i would do it again =)

Here it is....


Swimsuits as underwear v1.1 [Updated 09/29/2017]

UPDATED 09/29/2017 : V1.1 added 2 more bras. Hell Yeah.


I've always been annoyed by the fact the game doesn't let you mix swimsuits with regular clothing.

Now it's (almost) fixed, i'm less annoyed. ^_^

This mod contains 5 recolorable bras and 5 recolorable panties.

Ids used : Panties 208504 to 208508, bras 207404 to 207408.

Decryption key : !tK14Evui8hBBbvOCg7SD6AaVpz3Q9i5K00MIXI1Dlis


Have fun!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Just posting two chars,
They differ from my usual style, hope you'll still like them.